Whitstable, Kent

1977 - 1981

Band MembersEdit

  • Ben Challis (vocals)
  • Steven Harris (guitar)
  • Chris Harris (bass)
  • Stan 'Gretsch' Littlejohn (drums)

Previous members:

  • Kevin Holmes (vocals)
  • Mark Leighton (guitar)


The Ignerents were an early Whitstable Punk/New Wave band starting in the late 1970’s, who managed to make quite an impact not just at a local level, but nationally via air time on BBC Radio One and the legendary John Peel programme.

To the D.I.Y. Punk ethic they added a family firm attitude, with not only 2 brothers playing on stage but a third brother Phil working behind the scenes as their manager. With this enthusiasm and hard work they not only managed to play many gigs locally but managed to break free of East Kent to play at the Marquee, The Roxy and Vortex in London supporting among others 999 and the Only Ones.

In 1981 they changed their name to The Beekeepers .

Stan died in a road accident in 1981.

Chris died in a drowning accident in 1994.

Related BandsEdit

Ben's brother Aiden (aka "Tig") played drums in Canterbury punk band The Infested , which later became Wasteland .


  • 1979 'Radio Interference' 7" (ACE 008)


  • ??/07/77 - Whitstable, All Saints Hall
  • 10/08/77 - London, Marquee Club (supp. Chelsea)
  • 06/10/77 - London, Vortex (supp. The Electric Chairs + The Killjoys + Local Operator)
  • 16/12/77 - Highcliff, Queens Hotel (supp. The Only Ones)
  • 27/03/78 - Margate, Sunshine Rooms, Dreamland (supp. 999)
  • ??/??/78 - London, Marquee Club
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