Gothic Punk

Folkestone, Kent

1994 to Summer 1998

Band MembersEdit

  • Dave "Goat Boy" Rawlings (vocals)
  • Andy Richardson (guitar)
  • Bryan Harper (bass, vocals)
  • Graham Ruston (bass)
  • Nick Falconer (drums)
  • Pat Bergin (guitar) joined in 1996.


Named after a doomed character from H.P. Lovecraft's gothic horror works, The Charles Dexter Ward Experience quickly obtained a cult following in the Folkestone area, their dark, gothic Punk underlaid by a twisted humour. Their original line up featured the unconventional use of two bass players.

In October 1994 they became the first act outside the USA to perform a live set broadcast over the internet, which was enjoyed by net surfers in Norway, Japan, and the USA.

In August 1995 the band played the first "3 Band Special" at the Leas Cliff Hall.

Following the death of founder member Bryan Harper in April 1996, the remaining members continued and over time the material developed a heavier, darker edge.

Related BandsEdit


  • 1999 'Adventures In The Late 20th Century' CD


These are the only gigs for which details are available.

  • 16/07/94 - Folkestone, Bottoms (with Datura + Par 3) 1st gig
  • 03/09/94 - Dymchurch, Neptune Inn (with Uncool Frank + Oxide Daisies + The Soft Verges + Datura)
  • 29/10/94 - London, Cyberia Internet Café (Internet broadcast)
  • 15/04/95 - Folkestone, Bottoms (with Purge + The Soft Verges )
  • 10/06/95 - Hythe, Red Lion (with Uncool Frank )
  • 24/06/95 - Folkestone, Harp Club (with Uncool Frank )
  • 25/08/95 - Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall (with Mothers Ruin + Free Spirit)
  • 23/09/95 - Ashford, County Hotel (with Upside )
  • 31/10/96 - Folkestone, Harp Club (+ Victim + Einsteifen )
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