Rock/grunge (mainly covers)

Canterbury, Kent


Band membersEdit

Classic line up:

  • Ben Gardener (vocals)
  • Sam Gardener (guitar)
  • Dan Johnson (bass)
  • Danny Jones (drums)
  • Jonny Ray (guitar, vocals)


  • Luke ?? (bass) replaced Dan summer 1997
  • John Biss ? (guitar?) for one gig


Pattern Crysis were formed by brothers Ben and Sam Gardener and played a mixture of classic rock, metal, punk  and grunge. They wrote a number of original songs, but played only covers live. The band split before getting a chance to record a demo in 1997; unable to find a replacement for Danny Jones and having spent all their money on drink (and other things).

Dan Johnson went on to play in a number of moderately successful local bands (see below). Sam and Jonny Ray played a few acoustic gigs as a duo, and Jonny went on to perform as a solo artist in Kent and London.

The band has never reformed. There’s still time…

Related bandsEdit

  • Jackdaw – Jonny Ray
  • Jonny Ray – Jonny Ray
  • Black Sky Mourning – Dan
  • Surgery without research – Dan
  • Zachary Ikkandha – Jonny Ray
  • Rad Mamba – Luke
  • Dented Fender - Danny


  • Cross Keys pub, Canterbury - ??/1995
  • KIAD bar, Canterbury - ??/1995
  • Keynes College, UKC – Oct? 1996
  • County hotel, Ashford (sup Phat Numbha and Elemental) 02/11/1996
  • Dundees pub, Canterbury (as Viscious Crumble Woo) 04/01/1997
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