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Progressive Hardcore / Alt-Rock

Whitstable, Kent


Band MembersEdit

  • Chris Clark (guitar + vocals)
  • Jamie Godman (bass + vocals)
  • Martin Stedman (drums + vocals)

  • Daryn Cox (lighting)

Occasional members:

  • Mark Dixon (didgeridoo + vocals)
  • Dom Clark (drums)
  • Marty (keyboards + sequencing)
  • Kev (drums)
  • Lee (guitar)
  • Toby (guitar)


Nine was formed from the ashes of Crow , who had split the previous year. Nine was harder and darker than Crow, ditching the somewhat dated hippy imagery and replacing it with a tense, pre-millennial edge that nonetheless still contained elements of the Crow sound and spirit. In many ways it was more a continuation of previous outfit Door Marked Summer , as well as the associated Summer Love Sensation , since the original Nine lineup was a combination of the two.

Nine's dynamic sound was built with Progressive hardcore guitar underlaid with Dub-Punk basslines, with drumming that ranged from tribal Hardcore Punk to almost breakbeat rhythms. Their gigs invariably began with the heavier songs, then progressed to more danceable epics towards the end.

After a hiatus of about a year, the band members reformed in 1999 with a whole new set as Chromosome , with a less hardcore and more electronic sound.

Related BandsEdit

Demo 1996Edit

  1. Why?
  2. Brave
  3. Cancer Rising

Recorded 1996 at Elsewhere Studios, Whitstable. Engineered by Rob Williams.


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  • 03/05/96 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (+ 51st State )
  • 21/06/96 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (+ Jesus Fix )
  • 20/02/97 - Canterbury, Rutherford, UKC
  • 21/03/97 - Whitstable, St. Mary's Hall (+ Tangle )
  • 02/08/97 - Whitstable, Tankerton Arms
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