Alt-Metal / Alt-Rock


1997 - 2002

Band MembersEdit

  • Tim Divers (vocals,guitar)
  • Gary Philbrick (guitar, vocals)
  • Andy Breck (guitar,bass)
  • John Young (bass,vocals)
  • Matt Jones (drums)


Lounge:Fly were a young enthusiastic band who became prominent in Kent's alt-metal scene in the late-90s. Emerging before the mass of similar acts in the area, their style included some interesting grooves and riffs that helped them stand out in a busy scene. After lineup changes they successfully moved towards a more driven, heavy alt-rock sound, which was reflected in their later recordings.

Related BandsEdit


  • 1999 'Chimera' CD
  • Lounge:Fly appeared on various compilations and self released a number of EP's . A single, "All Over Me" (2001) was released by Formant Records.


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