Thrash Metal (covers and original)


May 1994 to March 1999

Band MembersEdit

  • Marc Neudeck (guitar, vocals)
  • John Wood (guitar, vocals)
  • Dan Edwards (guitar, vocals)
  • Andrew Kitney ("Bungle") (bass, vocals)
  • Steve Campkin (drums)

Previous members:

  • Ken Graham (vocals)
  • Martin Ficken (guitar)
  • Robert Bunt ("Scummy") (bass)
  • Darren Satterthwaite (vocals)
  • Russell Wood (bass)
  • Mark Lawrence (bass, guitar)
  • Matt Palmer (guitar)


Eschatology's long-evolving lineup was centred around the duo of Marc Neudeck and Steve Campkin, initially playing covers of classic Thrash bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura and Slayer. As the band developed they began to introduce tracks by more modern artists like Machine Head and Tool, and original material began to appear, until the set was a fairly even split between covers and originals.

The band's own material ranged from the simple Thrash riffing of "Insanity Of Normality", through the gothic Doom Metal of "Psiren", to the progressive, Tool-inspired "1 in 6". An underlying Python-esque humour resulted in more lighthearted tracks such as "Subliminal Citrus Overtones", "C.A.B.B.A.G.E." (guess the chord progression for that one...), "Bovine Intervention" and "Eat The Baby", all of which kept things from becoming too serious...

In 1999 the band recorded the "One In Six" demo CD during a transitional period of the lineup, and this was released under the new name of Bind. This final incarnation of the band lasted for another year before splitting in 2000.

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'One In Six' CD demo 1999Edit

(recorded as Eschatology, released as Bind)

1. Insanity
2. One In Six
3. Told
4. Psiren
5. Eat The Baby (unlisted)
Recorded March 1999 at Delta Studios, Chartham. Engineered by Julian Whitfield.


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As Eschatology: Edit

As Bind: Edit

  • 15/01/00 - New Cross, Goldsmith's Tavern (+ Earshot)
  •  ??/??/00 - Dartford, Mick Jagger Centre (+ other bands)
  •  ??/??/00 - Sidcup? (battle of the bands)
  •  ??/??/00 - Gravesend, Somerset Arms? (+ Cipher)
  • 14/04/00 - Gravesend, Red Lion (+ John Wood + Einsteifen)
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