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Space-Rock / Psychedelia

Ashford, Kent

1996 to 1998

Band MembersEdit

  • John Wood (guitar, vocals)
  • Marc Neudeck (bass, vocals)
  • Martyn Cheesman (drums, vocals)

  • Ken Avey (percussion) also played with the band for a couple of gigs.

Honorary Member:

  • Tad Filip (lights + projections)


Inspired by Whitstable band Crow , larger acts like Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd, plus other influences from the realms of Metal and Trance, Elemental's set mainly consisted of effects-laden guitar instrumentals based around half-formed structures. They also included a few cover songs, including Crow's "FE Stomp", Ozric's "Dissolution", Pink Floyd's "Echoes" and "Money", and Primus' "Southbound Pachyderm"

Honorary member Tad added visual effects with his Dreamlight lighting and projections, many of them home-made!

The band initially formed under the name Voodoo Chocolate with Stacey Granger playing saxophone, and this line up played one song (a formative version of "Drift") at a youth talent show in Maidstone. After this, the band slimmed to a three-piece and changed name to Elemental.

After the demise of the band, all 3 members played 2 gigs as Punk covers band F.U.T.A..

Related BandsEdit

Ken's cousin Phil Avey played guitar in Electric Sex Circus and Unhome .


  • 1996 Rehearsal demo
  • various unreleased demo/rehearsal tracks exist


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as Voodoo Chocolate:

  • ??/??/96 - Maidstone, Hazlitt Theatre (1 song)

as Elemental:

The band split after this, then reformed some months later for a final Sunday lunchtime gig at the Victoria in Ashford, but split again halfway through!

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