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Punk / Indie

Ashford, Kent

1993 - 1997

Band MembersEdit

  • Martin Doubtfire (vocals)
  • Chris Ripley (guitar)
  • Shane Hunn (bass)
  • Damian Blunt (drums)
  • Mark Lane (drums) replaced Damian in 1995. 


Stalwarts of the Ashford music scene, Dribblebus were willing to play for free with virtually anybody. Their brand of music was an infectious mixture of snappy Punk tempered with jangly Indie. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes serious, their songs dealt with such topics as animal testing ("Soap In The Eyes"), modern attitudes to cosmetic beauty ("Ha-Ha-Fashion"), and even personal hygiene ("Freakshow")! Later songs seemed to get somewhat harder in tone, such as "It's Just Me", which was a personal live favourite.

Their set would occasionally feature a cover or two, including Iggy Pop's "The Passenger", Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk To Fuck", and The Rezillo's "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In".

Singer Martin was actively involved in many local music promotions, including the Lou-Lou Lounge nights at the County Hotel, and the Ashford Create Festival.

Related BandsEdit

Demo 1995Edit

  1. Freakshow
  2. Soap In The Eyes
  3. Adios Amigo
  4. Ha-Ha-Fashion

Recorded at Courtfield Recorders, Ashford, by Gordon Thrussell.


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