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Psychedelic Post-Punk / Alternative

Whitstable, Kent


Band MembersEdit

  • Chris Clark (guitar + vocals)
  • Jamie Godman (guitar)
  • Chris Searle (bass)
  • Martin Stedman (drums)
  • Dom Clark (drums)
  • Mark Dixon (didgeridoo + keyboards)

  • Trevor Atkins (bass) 1987-1989

  • Daryn Cox (lighting)


Taking their name from a book on spirituality by Michael Bentine, Door Marked Summer evolved from earlier experimental/psych-punk bands IT and Basic Love . Heavily influenced by hard-hitting post-punk acts such as Killing Joke and Swans, their noisy psychedelic tendencies gained them a reputation throughout the local alternative scene, which was later further complimented by the addition of second drummer Dom Clark. The collective's often chaotic gigs (many at squat parties) occasionally saw members of the audience joining in the tribal percussion using beer kegs. The band also occasionally played a more Dub-heavy set under the name DMS In Dub.

Door Marked Summer later evolved into Crow , who took the Prog/Psych elements to new levels.

Fun Fact #1: In 1989, free UK paper "Making Music" included Door Marked Summer in a list of "Worst Band Names".

Fun Fact #2: Legendary UK radio DJ John Peel invited the band to record a session after hearing the "Psychic Surfing" tape. Unfortunately, they lost the contact phone number...

Related BandsEdit

'Psychic Surfing' cassette 1990Edit


Side 1

  • (intro)
  • We Are The Lies
  • Built Up Area
  • Behind The Mask
  • Head Study
  • Put Me Down

Side 2

  • Dance Around Your Head
  • Slow Rush
  • Force
  • (outro)
  • (untitled instrumental)

There is some confusion regarding the tracklisting -- there appears to be too many titles on Side 1 for the actual tracks, and an untitled track after the outro on Side 2. Can anyone clear this up?

Recorded at Elsewhere Studios. Engineered by Rob Williams.


Click on (POSTER) for poster/flyer

  • ??/02/88 - Whitstable, Labour Club
  • ??/03/88 - Folkestone, Bottoms
  • 07/07/88 - Canterbury, Art College (supp. The Raisins + Somebody Elses Problem)
  • 15/09/88 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (supp. Doryie Drow)
  • 21/10/88 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (+ The Trees + T.V Cabbage Disco)
  • 21/12/88 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (+ The Trees)
  • ??/01/89 - Canterbury, Art College
  • ??/??/?? - Eastbourne, Archery Tavern (supp. Citizen Fish)
  • 19/08/89 - Herne Bay, Kings Hall (+ The Shadey Gentlemen) (POSTER)
  • 17/02/90 - Whitstable, Assembly Rooms (+ Moonweed + Seventh Seal + Bowl Territory) (POSTER)
  • 01/05/90 - Canterbury, Art College (+ Mangow Soundsystem)
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