aka Seventythree


Thanet, Kent

1991 to Summer 1995

Band MembersEdit

  • Richard McCardle (vocals, bass)
  • Gavin Bush (guitar)
  • Jeremy Vass (drums)
  • Leigh Limbrick (Les) (bass) joined in 1992.


Deceitful Bow's sound was a very unique combination of soulful Pearl Jam-esque vocals over angular but funky guitar riffs. The guitarist Gavin was especially memorable for the way that he would throw himself around the stage in almost Hardcore abandon, teasing colourful, overdriven Jazz chords out of his unusually carved guitar.

Gavin Bush is Kate Bush's nephew.

In 1995 the band changed their name to Seventythree.

Related BandsEdit


As Deceitful Bow

  • demo

As Seventythree

  • 1995 demo
Seventythree (ex Deceitful Bow) - Demo 95

Seventythree (ex Deceitful Bow) - Demo 95


These are the only gigs for which details are available:

as Deceitful Bow:

as Seventythree: The first gig listed below was billed as Deceitful Bow, but the band announced the name-change on stage.

  • 03/03/95 - Margate, The Lido (supp. Crow )
  • 19/04/95 - Aycliff, Dover, The King Lear
  • 13/05/95 - Ashford, County Hotel (+ Mind Octopus )
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