Side 1:

  1. Ayermandominar
  1. Led Zep
  1. Poppy Fields
  1. Circles

Side 2:

  1. E-Mosh
  1. N N 1
  1. Conditioning


Recorded on the Full Moon of July 1992 at Elsewhere Studios, Whitstable. Engineered by Rob Williams.


The music on 'Medicine Wheel' is very much in Hawkwind / Ozrics territory, with delay-and-wah-ridden Trance-Rock guitar riffs over hypnotic tribal drumming, and simple vocal mantras and chants for vocals. Standout tracks for me are the two epic tribal workouts "Circles" and "Conditioning", one a brooding piece underlaid by Mark's didgeridoo, the other a hypnotic build-up to a stunning climax.

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