aka The Real Men


Thanet, Kent

Early 1990s to 1996?

Band MembersEdit

  • Spencer Griffiths (guitar, vocals)
  • Marcus Daborn (bass)
  • Russell Bellingham (drums)

Previous members:

  • Dan Noddle (bass)
  • Leigh Limbrick (Les) (bass)
  • Scott MacKenzie (bass)


The band's original name was The Real Men, but changed their name just before Leigh left the band.

Judging from the 3 tracks on their MySpace page, Choke took their influences from the American Alt-Rock scene, and refined them with a British sense of reserve and style. Their songs shift deftly from harder Metal-orientated riffs to more subtle, almost post-rock moments. Occasional odd time signatures reveal a progressive nature, reminiscent in places of Tool.

Related BandsEdit


  • 199_ 'Eustress' demo
  • 1995 'Croissant Neuf' demo
  • 199_ promo demo
  • 1996 'Phased' demo


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