Hardcore / Industrial Metal

Herne Bay, Kent

1991? to 1993

Band MembersEdit

  • Conrad (bass, vocals)
  • Colin Till (guitar)
  • Steve Knowles (drums)
  • Nick Hughes (angle-grinder)


Bastards Of Destruction (B.O.D.) formed from the ashes of Defiant , and played an intense fusion of Hardcore, Industrial and Thrash.

Their stage show was complemented by the spectacle of Nick grinding sheets of metal with an angle-grinder.

Related BandsEdit


A 6-track demo was recorded but never finished (01/05/93 - 02/05/93 - Ashford).


  • 12/05/93 - Canterbury, Penny Theatre (supp. Deceitful Bow )
  • 02/07/93 - Folkestone, East Cliff Pavillion (supp. Crow )
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