Industrial / Metal / Ambient

Romney Marsh

1998 to 2003 (formative), 2003 to present

Band MembersEdit

  • John Wood (guitar, programming)

Live members 2004-2008:

  • Dan Johnson (bass)
  • Andy Hawkins (vocals)


Balbulus began life as a solo recording project of John Wood dating back to around 1998, though the name Balbulus was only decided on in 2003. A previous tentative name was +/- or Positive/Negative.

In 2004, John recruited former bandmate and school friend Dan Johnson to play bass, and the pair began gigging as an instrumental duo. Before long, Andy H of Surgery Without Research offered to add lyrics and vocals, and the trio was formed. This line up continued until 2008, when distance and time restraints prompted the band to split. John continued Balbulus as a solo act.

John and Andy later reformed as a duo under the name Tragic Millennium, focussing on the heavier industrial side of the Balbulus material.

Related BandsEdit


  • 'Aspect : Redundant' CD demo 2003
  • 'Rekindle' CD demo 2004
  • 'Roughs' CD comp 2005
  • 'Preview' CD promo 2006
  • 'Stormprayer' CD demo 2008
  • 'ion1 EP' CD 2012
  • 'ion2 EP' CD 2012
  • 'ion3 EP' DL 2013
  • 'The Eternal Night EP' DL 2013


Solo noise (pre-Balbulus):

Instrumental duo:



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