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Psychedelic Dub / Funk / Blues

Whitstable, Kent

Summer 1995 to early 00s

Band MembersEdit

  • Robin Harvey (guitar. vocals)
  • Aaron Hillier (bass)
  • Matt Falconer (drums)
  • Matt Smyth (decks)
  • Tracy Sullivan (vocals) joined in 1997.


Originally formed in Acton, West London in 1995 as a trio, Sun moved down to Whitstable in 1996, where they teamed up with Matt Smyth. Over the next few years, they took their fiery brand of Spaced-out Dub/Funk to venues all around Kent and beyond. Tracy Sullivan joining in 1997 added a slightly more commercial edge to their sound. About the same time the band was forced to change their name to A Band Called Sun due to legal issues over the name.

Sun later became involved in writing and performing musical scores for plays and films, including Marlow's Dr Faustus and classic films 'Nosferatu', 'Metropolis' and 'Phantom Of The Opera'.

Related BandsEdit

  • The Harvey Brothers - Robin, Aaron


  • 1996 Demo
  • 1998 'Voodoo Rising' CD
  • 1999 'Blind Man' CD EP
  • 2003 'Collection' CD


  • 03/08/96 - Ashford, South Park (Ashford Festival Finale, 4th act, + other bands)
  • 08/11/96 - Canterbury, KIAD
  • 17/01/97 - Ashford, County Hotel (+ Elemental )
  • ??/??/9? - Ashford, The Victoria
  • ??/02/99 - Canterbury, Penny Theatre