Canterbury / Whitstable

Mid 80s

Band MembersEdit

  • Gideon Coe (guitar, vocals)
  • Mick Corney (guitar)
  • Mo Clover (bass)
  • Dom Clark (drums)

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A-Bomb were a young punk band based in the Canterbury area during the 80s, playing a mix of original material and Clash covers.

Gideon Coe became a succesful BBC Radio DJ, currently on 6 Music.

Drummer Dom Clark went on to play in a succesion of local bands, most notably as half of Door Marked Summer's two-drummer powerhouse.

Related BandsEdit



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  • Mines not Missles Aylesham
  • Wye College
  • University of Kent (Darwin?)
  • Simon Langton Boys School
  • Aubreys Wine bar
  • Chislet Colliery Club (Bingo Night)
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